Posts tagged with "development"

LaxCon 2009: The Starting Point
Business · January 26, 2024
An idea that was originally unfinished business, that became a business.
'The Making of Riley Rayne'
Art · January 08, 2024
A look behind the scenes in the creation of a custom piece from a father to his college playing son.

Beginnings (Part 1)
Personal · December 07, 2023
How a lazy, and somewhat rude habit, of discreetly doodling in grade school classes forged an identity, and a career.
'The Making of Matt'
Art · October 02, 2023
When former college teammates, team up to commission a piece for one of their own, a Hall of Famer.

The Making of a Birthday Gift
Art · October 27, 2021
My son's 10th birthday had me create a custom piece of him in the goal as a present.
The Making of Lax Player-3
Art · September 24, 2021
I felt out of the loop and thought that a quick and personal drawing with no deadline to get the creative hands moving again was needed.