Jim Calder was a 2x All American at Hobart College and 2x member of Team Canada. He is credited for, in Canadian terms, having the 'hockey assist' for the winning goal in overtime against the heavily favored, United States in the Gold Medal Game at the 1978 World Lacrosse Championships in Stockport, England. It was the first loss for the United States in international lacrosse competition.


Jim is the author of two books titled, 'Lacrosse: The Ancient Game' and 'Women Play Lacrosse: A History of the International Field Game'. His third book, 'Tales of a Lacrosse Troubadour' had me license both existing and new art in it. It was an absolute pleasure working with Jim and hearing a variety of his stories in his vast experience with lacrosse. On another note, this book was successfully done during COVID19, giving Jim an everyday purpose and eventually share with us.


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