'The Making of Riley Rayne'

(Writer's Note: Happy New Year! This is the first article for 2024. Wishing you all the best!)

The Holidays are always a busy time with deadlines and last minute things happening all over the place. This project, which was slated for the Holiday rush, was the first project inquiry that I got once summer ended. Here's a look back at the process of creation.

The pencil stage:

Laying down the ink:

The filling out and the final touches in ink. Here a card was used to 'cover' the identity of the uniform since it was to be shared on social media.

The end result - the finish.

But one of the best parts is when the customer shares with you the ultimate end result. In this case it was a custom framing and matting job with his son's college, Randolph Macon. This is the entire journey from start to finish.


'Riley Rayne'

11x14 inches. Pen and Ink.



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All images ©TheArtofLax™ - by Vincent Ricasio

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