Have an idea and want to get it made? Need to get a present but something out of the ordinary? Custom artwork has been the answer for those wonders. It is the perfect gift for the holiday season and/or graduation award... or maybe that special memento just for you. Interested? Please send an email for an inquiry. 



We now offer a framing and matting service for your purchased art thru a partnership with, Simply Framed.  



Question: What do I need to do for a custom order?  

Answer:  First off, an idea! Then you give me a digital photo(s) of whatever inspires you. Make sure that the photo you are sending (via email) is HIGH RESOLUTION. Don’t know what that means? Basically, if you zoom or magnify your photo in one click and start to see graininess or pixels - it is NOT a high-resolution photo!


Please make sure that you own the photo(s) or have permission to use it! We do not want to get into any legal trouble here!


Question: How long will this take? What will the artwork be done on? What’s the cost for all this?

Answer: Does a doctor know how long a surgery takes? Not until he or she examines the patient and operates. I need to know the details of what it is you want first. Custom orders can be done in a variety of mediums; dry (graphite, pen & ink), wet (acrylic, oil, watercolor) or mixed-media and on many surfaces (paper, canvas, etc.) of your choice. Pricing is determined on the complexity, scale and turnaround deadline i.e a black & white piece costs less than a full colored one.


Question: Do you have a “base price” for custom orders?

Answer:  I can give a “guesstimate” price if I see the photo beforehand. An example is: 1-figure, pen & ink, 8x10 - 9x12 inches, would be $325.00. There is a minimum of a $75.00 deposit for all custom orders prior to start. I will also give customers pricing options based on size and medium(s) used.


Prices agreed between the customer and artist DO NOT INCLUDE shipping and handling and sales tax.


Question: Can I get my piece framed?

Answer: Yes, we have a partnership with a framing company called, Simply Framed. Framing can take anywhere between 2-3 weeks, or even more depending on the complexity of the frame and materials used. Extra shipping and handling may be charged due to the extra care of getting an original to the framers.


Question: Can I see a few examples of how you do this?

Answer: All artwork in the gallery pages are done from photo reference - the same process of a custom order. Check out the pics and the slideshow, below!



Deposit from customer:

A minimum deposit of $75.00 is required by ALL customers prior to start. Customers can pay either in cash, check, credit card (via invoice email) PayPal and Venmo. Please note that personal checks will have to clear first prior to commencement.


Work for Hire ONLY:

All work, from the process of conceptual form to finish, is under the formal agreement of being compensated by the customer. The artist DOES NOT execute any work which is free of charge. Email communications are documented as “in-writing” agreements to follow proper protocol. 


Marketing and Promoting:

As the creator of these custom art pieces I reserve the right to post the work on my social media platforms, use for portfolio records and "how to" examples for prospective client and new business development opportunities.




A custom art order is NOT for everyone. These are for the most serious of customers looking to get an original piece of work from the artist. The production of artistic elements in each piece are elements which can never be replicated, thus being an original. NOT all custom projects are alike, or massed produced on a assembly line, rather with careful research, attention to detail ONLY the artist can execute. This is the reason why there is a premium behind each original piece. 


*Prices for Custom Orders DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING/HANDLING COSTS. SALES TAX will be added in the final billing prior to shipment.

Check out the slideshow, below, or peruse through some examples of custom orders done in the past at the very bottom.

All images © Vincent Ricasio of The Art of Sports, LLC.