Backstory: Patient. Persistent. Proficient.
Personal · July 19, 2024
The backstory in creating the piece, 'Patient. Persistent. Proficient.'
'The Making of the Lady Pirates'
Business · March 08, 2024
Behind the scenes in creating a piece of art - a team mascot - that became more than just art.

'The Making of Game Time-3'
Art · February 02, 2024
A look into illustrating a powerful moment in sports that defines the word: team.
LaxCon 2009: The Starting Point
Business · January 26, 2024
An idea that was originally unfinished business, that became a business.

'The Making of Riley Rayne'
Art · January 08, 2024
A look behind the scenes in the creation of a custom piece from a father to his college playing son.
Beginnings (Part 2)
Personal · December 20, 2023
My years in a New England boarding school combined two, very different talents: art and athletics. That combination found my target audience.

'Snail Mail / Fan Mail'
Business · December 13, 2023
A recent studio clean up uncovered old items from the early days of the business: customer and client letters.
Beginnings (Part 1)
Personal · December 07, 2023
How a lazy, and somewhat rude habit, of discreetly doodling in grade school classes forged an identity, and a career.

Highlighting a Lacrosse Career.
Art · November 28, 2023
Looking back at a returning customer's commissions for his son's high school and college graduations.
Passion energizes talent...
Personal · October 23, 2023
Studio clean up finds. This time a quote that hung up on my tack board from back in the day.

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