'Moneyball & Miracle' (Job Interviews)
Business · March 08, 2023
Two of my favorite sports movies, with my favorite scenes aren't with players in action, rather showing a totally different side - business.

'New for '23
Art · February 21, 2023
A few new images added to the portfolio at the end of '22 and start of '23.

The iPhone Case (Backstory)
Personal · December 06, 2022
Looking back at the product that made lacrosse art truly part of your everyday.

'The Making of Dad and Son' (Part 2)
Art · October 18, 2022
The second custom art piece involving a Father and Son-theme.

'The Making of Dad and Son' (Part 1)
Art · October 05, 2022
A look into a recently done custom art piece involving a Father and Son in their own setting.

"My Recent Purchase..." (Customer Feedback)
Personal · August 31, 2022
I believe that the whole purpose in building a business is to not just have a product, or service that solves a problem, but to create a customer. This customer's feedback email will always remain so important to me as a founder.

'Reunited with Gags'
Personal · August 16, 2022
Reunited with a former, high school teammate that saw your hobby turn into a business, and became a customer of your business.

'The Making of The Face-4'
Art · August 11, 2022
The backstory behind creating the third version of an image from the neophyte class back in 2008.

'The Making of Onward'
Art · July 28, 2022
Creating a new piece honoring tradition and history, while being reminded of a constant practice back in art school.

The Making of 'The Celly-2'
Art · July 13, 2022
The second version of a 'celebratory' must do with your teammates.

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