This is the closest thing to being a FINE ARTIST. Here you will find products not done on a mass scale, but on a single basis making them unique and with time, maybe rare. They will never be manufactured, or quickly made, rather crafted with care, attention and personality. Welcome to CRAFTED!

Palette Stick (CRAFTED)


An old, unused wooden, painting palette (over 20 years old) from my art school days with an illustration of a traditional, Native American lacrosse stick. Size of palette is within a 9x12 inch scale. Pen and ink on wood. 1/1 edition.


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Shelf Stick (CRAFTED)


An old, wooden panel from an Ikea shelf kit from 1999 that was never used. Pen and ink on wood. Dimensions: 28x9x0.625 inches. 1/1 edition.


*PLEASE NOTE: International orders will have to be charged separately to cover additional customs and shipping costs via invoice.


  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days1

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