Beginnings (Part 2)
Personal · December 20, 2023
My years in a New England boarding school combined two, very different talents: art and athletics. That combination found my target audience.
Beginnings (Part 1)
Personal · December 07, 2023
How a lazy, and somewhat rude habit, of discreetly doodling in grade school classes forged an identity, and a career.

Passion energizes talent...
Personal · October 23, 2023
Studio clean up finds. This time a quote that hung up on my tack board from back in the day.
Life Lessons as a Lacrosse Goalie
Personal · August 10, 2023
The games do count. Just like the many games played in the lacrosse goal.

The iPhone Case (Backstory)
Personal · December 06, 2022
Looking back at the product that made lacrosse art truly part of your everyday.
"My Recent Purchase..." (Customer Feedback)
Personal · August 31, 2022
I believe that the whole purpose in building a business is to not just have a product, or service that solves a problem, but to create a customer. This customer's feedback email will always remain so important to me as a founder.

'Reunited with Gags'
Personal · August 16, 2022
Reunited with a former, high school teammate that saw your hobby turn into a business, and became a customer of your business.
The Art Gallery – a small victory.
Personal · January 03, 2022
Small victories - no matter how small - add up in the big picture. One such 'small victory' was the first time exhibited in an art gallery.