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I used to work for a creative advertising executive. An intimidator, he told me that he “rarely hired people from art schools because they are likely to be one-dimensional.” I later found out that he attended the same art school I had. I also found out that he was an exceptional high school baseball player, and missed an invitation to try out for an MLB team.  


In the fall of 2008, I began the quest to fulfill some personal and unfinished business, and started The Art of Lax™ on a whim. Almost 3 years later, the decision to produce lacrosse-themed art and design, was probably the BEST move for my artistic and professional development, overall.  


However, since lacrosse has been considered a hybrid of popular sports such as: football, soccer, basketball and ice hockey, the requests from customers, clients and business partners to do “other sports” came pouring in. As much as I wanted to focus ONLY on my favorite sport of lacrosse, the implication of doing so would be, as my former boss stated best - one-dimensional.  


I welcome you to The Art of Athletes™


(Artist's Note: While my passion and expertise is in the sport of Lacrosse, this by-product from The Art of Lax™ shows the ability to do non-Lacrosse sports art and design.)

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