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'The Making of Old School Tough-2'
Art · June 27, 2023
When the first stick that was ever purchased becomes an illustrated subject matter.

'New for '23
Art · February 21, 2023
A few new images added to the portfolio at the end of '22 and start of '23.

'The Making of Dad and Son' (Part 2)
Art · October 18, 2022
The second custom art piece involving a Father and Son-theme.

Meeting Matt Palumb
Legends · March 08, 2021
A FaceTime with legendary Syracuse lacrosse goalie, now College and Professional referee, Matt Palumb.

Lacrosse: An Experience Through History - 'Fort Michilimackinac'

Lacrosse: An Experience Through History - 'Brine Bucket Helmet'
Lacrosse is considered an extreme sport. The same goes for skydiving. I guess you can put this one under 'urban legends'?

A Talk With Coach Simmons, Jr.
Legends · February 03, 2021
A recent talk, or FaceTime, with former head coach of Syracuse Lacrosse, Coach Roy Simmons, Jr.