Highlighting a Lacrosse Career.

A business mentor of mine once said that gaining new customers is great, but having return customers is a greater sign - a validation. Back in 2020, a father reached out for a commission as his son's high school graduation gift. Years later, that same person reached out again for another commission to cap off his son's college career. Here's a look back at both custom art projects.

High School commission:










A pic was sent once the finished piece was framed and hung up on the wall. These are some of my favorite moments as a creator.

Collegiate commission:

Some of these progress pics were taken with objects used to keep the surprise as I was posting the developments on social media channels.

When I got this commission request for his college graduation, the thought all those years having gone by blew my mind, but I also didn't want to disappoint. Regardless, I was grateful to be doing another piece.


After the finished piece was shipped and received, his father recently sent me a pic with both commissions, highlighting his son's lacrosse career, which I guess you can call, in art terms, a collection? :o)


11x14 inches.

Mixed media on watercolor paper

2020 & 2023


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  • #1

    Bev Blair (Tuesday, 28 November 2023 17:55)

    This is my grandson...
    So proud of him...
    You did an amazing job capturing him...
    Beautiful Work...!!!

  • #2

    Steve Blair (Tuesday, 28 November 2023 20:58)

    Two incredible pieces. It was a joy and pleasure to see them come to life. Thank you for everything.