'The Making of Game Time-3'

I'm super proud to say that I still play lacrosse in my 40's. When people ask me why I still play I tell them the typical, or 'canned', answers of: a really good workout, a release and distraction, to something that regularly fills my competitive side. But if I may be honest, it serves a personal purpose in the needs of community and camaraderie. This is what I kept on thinking when executing this piece titled, 'Game Time-3'.


Here are the progression pics in creating the image:

To sum up and explain 'my why' for still playing, it's pretty simple and direct. You need a life outside of your life. It's healthy to break things up and a bonus to find people who share those interests and passions. I've said it in past articles that I wouldn't have an artistic career if not for lacrosse. And to have teammates act as an artistic audience off-the-field makes it so special. Also, while my body may remind me of my age after playing, it's so fun acting and feeling like a little kid during competition. Great times! :o)

'Game Time-3'

11x14, pen & ink on mixed media paper.


Game Time-3


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