The iPhone Case (Backstory)

(Writer's Note: During each election time I think of this personal chapter of the business that happened on an Election Day. And while each Election Day is important to elect our leaders, we are still allowed to lead ourselves everyday.)

One time during a studio cleanup I found this unopened box of the product that, to me, enabled to have the lacrosse art be part of your everyday use.  That’s right – EVERYDAY! Upon my finding the package I took a break and looked at it, remembering the backstory of this product.

It was Election Day 2012 and I was riding the subway to go vote. Sitting across from me were a number of people with their heads down on their devices, barley looking up, while the ones who knew each other I don’t think ever said a word until their subway station stop approached. I remember one of the persons had a case that stood out in a plain and bright color, contrasting the others and I thought that the lacrosse art would look really cool on it, filling up the empty space. Having the lacrosse art on apparel products already at that time, I thought that this would show continued growth, or advancement in The Art of Lax™. After I voted the hunt for a manufacturer was on my mind, more than who would win the Presidential Election to be very honest.


Research led me to cold-calling and then cold emailing, with so many run on sentences and poor grammar to these manufacturers that came up. Case-Mate, Inc. was the only one that responded with an email of interest. A meeting with a business development manager led to an account manager, and then to a service rep that did a demo for production and fulfillment. It was exciting to see a team that was willing to take me on, helping grow and validate my business. I couldn’t wait to release it to my audience.


The phone cases became a very popular product and to this day they still sell due to customers upgrading their phones each time a new model is released. And because our phones are no more than 8 feet away from us – from morning to night – I look at this personal accomplishment daily as the unopened package of the phone case sits on my computer desk. For me, the product, no matter the make or model, becomes more than a business card to prospective customers. It’s an enthusiastic topic of discussion whenever asked. It will always be a working proof and constant reminder that you never know when an idea will come to you, or even take you. And if done correctly, an introduction to a group of people - merely strangers - willing to help you along the way.

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