The Making of 'The Celly-2'

 I needed to give myself the goal of executing new images to the portfolio this summer. The spring was loaded with custom art projects both for graduation, end of season, or personal inquiries – I’m still working on that list. :o) Looking at my website pages and image content, the idea of doing a new image, that is a ‘second version’ of an existing image was on my mind. It was a second version of ‘The Celly’ that was going to be done.


The ‘celly’, which is short for celebration (no, kidding), isn’t hard to describe. Just like the first version, the backs of the individuals are making contact while raising their arms. But, in this version I wanted to make it different by showcasing more of a hug, or embrace, while in the air.

 The piece started while on a family vacation that was lengthy, and it was a good thing to do, because the piece wasn’t for a client, but for myself – the portfolio. Those are relaxing.

I was happy with the end result. It’s reminder that to always celebrate your victories, both big and small. And most of all give credit where credit is due. This one, being your teammate(s).

The finished product.

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