The Making of Lax Player-3

2021 has been very busy. Spring was full of nonstop coaching lacrosse that I got burnt out. Summer had me playing catch up with outstanding projects, some of them from 2020. I felt out of the loop and thought that a quick and personal drawing with no deadline to get the creative hands moving again was needed.


The idea came to me when I was back to playing competitive lacrosse and standing on the sidelines after having started in goal. It was the uniform stance, or pose, that all lacrosse players do while ‘standing’ patiently.

After the initial pencil stage it was time to add the classic pen and ink and see the image come to life.

Seeing the finish line on the horizon, the final marks of the pen was being made.

The finished piece made me realize that this was to be included to an existing series titled ‘Lax Player’ – this version being the 3rd.


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